Registration SBMPTN - Registration SBMPTN - is one selection along State College, in Indonesia, each year conducting this selection continues to experience an increase in the number of participants and enthusiasts, this is due to SBMPTN use a written selection system whereby all high school graduates can follow without having to get an invitation. According to the data obtained SBMPTN enthusiasts not only from within the country, but there are also many foreign students who are interested to follow this selection.

As a student of Southeast Asia or some other country in Europe, certainly depends on the direction taken those who want to learn the culture of Indonesia attracted study in Literary Studies and programme of Indonesia Culture Indonesia became one of the most sought after in the eyes of the world, especially Javanese and Balinese Culture.

Indonesia is currently the world best known for mainly tourism and culture, do not be surprised if there are many foreign students who want a College in Indonesia, besides reasons of low cost being one of the factors of consideration given the Indonesia currency IDR is lower if compared with other currencies like the dollar or European currencies.

Registration SBMPTN

Not only literature and culture course participants from abroad are interested in studying in Indonesia in the field of medicine, it is evident a few State University termana is filled with foreign students, SBMPTN Competition open to the public since the graduation assessment determined the results of the written exam.

SBMPTN registration is already open for you guys who like to follow the selection of course must register in advance, for registration and miscellaneous provisions regarding SBMPTN will we pass on as quoted from the official website the following conditions that must be met SBMPTN Registration for participants who wish to study in Indonesia.


Shared selection in the admission of new students in the environment of PTN through written exams nationwide that have been done show a wide range of benefits and advantages, both for the participants, PTN, as well as for the national interest. For the selection of participants, along with favorable because more efficient, inexpensive, and versatile. This is due to the existence of a mechanism of cross region.

Based on the experience in implementing the SBMPTN, i.e. the selection of the admission of new students through the written exam or a combination of the results of the written exam and exam skills, then in the year Assembly Universities the Rector of Indonesia (MRPTNI) carry out a written exam consisting of a Paper-Based Testing (PBT) and Computer Based Testing (CBT), which can be followed by students graduate in year from secondary education (HIGH SCHOOL/MA/SMK) and equal the package, including c.

Written exam consisting of using CBT and PBT exam questions are designed following the norms of academic development tests. SBMPTN written exam is designed to measure the basic capabilities which can predict the success of a candidate in all programs of study, i.e., a high level of reasoning ability (higher order thinking), which includes the potential for academic excellence, mastery of the basic areas of study, field of science and technology (saintek) and/or social and Humanities fields (soshum). In addition to a written examination (PBT or CBT), participants who choose science courses art and/or Keolahragaan are required to take the test of skill.


The goal of SBMPTN is as follows:
  1. Choose a candidate who is predicted to be able to finish my studies in college with good.
  2. Giving opportunities for prospective students to select more than one STATE of cross region.

General provisions and requirements
  1. General provisions: SBMPTN: selection is conducted by PTN collectively under the coordination of the Centre with a selection Committee based on the results of the written exam in printed form (PBT) or use a computer (CBT), or a combination of the results of the written exam and test the skills a candidate.
  2. Requirements: registration: for students graduate in 2014 and 2015, should already have a diploma. For students graduate in year have Affidavits have Graduated secondary education, at the very least contain the identity information and latest photos in question as well as a legitimate stamp emblazoned. Have adequate health so as not to interfere with the smooth running of the process of learning in courses.
  3. Acceptance: Graduated secondary education, graduating SBMPTN, healthy, and fulfilling other requirements defined by each STATE of the recipient. 

  1. Registration is done online and complete registration procedures can be seen on the page
  2. Registration form filling procedures written exam and skills can be download from the page starting on website.
  3. Online registration Paper-Based Testing (PBT) as well as Computer-Based Testing (CBT) is opened from.
Kind Of Exams
  1. Written exam (PBT or CBT): Material written exam consists of: Tests of academic ability and Potential (TKPA). Tests basic capabilities of science and technology (TKD Saintek) consists of an eye test of mathematics, biology, chemistry, and physics. Tests basic capabilities of social and Humanities (TKD Soshum) consists of an eye test the sociology, history, geography and economics.
  2. Exam Skills: Skills Exam Conditions as follows:Exam Skill reserved for enthusiasts of art science courses and Keolahragaan. Art Science Skills examination consists of tests the knowledge and skills of Science Artrelated. Keolahragaan science Skills exam comprising health checks and tests of motor skills. Exam skills can be followed in PTN has the closest relevant courses with a choice of participants. List of PTN organizers complete skills test can be seen on the page

Group Test
  1. SBMPTN test group is divided into 3 (three), namely: Group Saintek Exam TKPA exam with material and TKD Saintek. Group test of Soshum with material test TKPA and TKD Soshum.
  2. The Group Mixed with material Test exam TKPA, Saintek TKD TKD Soshum., and Each participant can join the Group of test Saintek, Soshum, or mix. Specially for participants of the CBT only allowed following examination groups Saintek or Soshum exam only group.

Group courses and number of options
  1. Courses that are in the PTN are divided into two groups, namely the Group of Saintek and group Soshum.
  2. Participants can choose as many courses are three (3) courses with the following conditions: If the selected study program everything from a group of Saintek, then the participants follow a group test of Saintek. If the selected study program everything from a group of Soshum, then the participants follow a group test of Soshum. If the selected study program consists of a group of Saintek and Soshum, then the participants follow a group test ofmixture. Order in course selection stated priority options.
  3. The only exam participants choose one (1) course of study can choose courses at PTN anywhere. The exam participants choose 2 (two) or more courses, one option the course must be at PTN in one region of registration with which participants take the test. A selection of other courses that can be in the PTN outside the registration venue participants follow thetest. List of regions of registration, courses, capacity per STATE-year on, and the amount of interest in this program of study per PTN can be seen on the page

The cost Selection Skills and written exam
  1. Costs incurred by participants selection is Rp. 200,000.00 (two hundred thousand rupiah).
  2. The cost selection can be paid through one of the following banks: Bank Mandiri, Bank BNI or Selection fee already paid cannot be withdrawn for any reason.

Schedule An Exam
  1. written exam schedule: written exam is good for Paper-Based Testing (PBT) as well as Computer-Based Testing (CBT) is carried out simultaneously.
  2. Schedule Exam Skills: Skills Test was carried out on Wednesday and Thursday.

The Announcement Of The Results 
  1. Exam results will be announced on Tuesday, from 17:00 PM EDT and can be accessed on the page

Applicants Scholarship Program Participant Bidikmisi
  1.  Prospective participants recipient Bidikmisi should first study the Bidikmisi program through the application procedures page:
  2. Recipient Bidikmisi potential participants must first register to the page
  3. Bidikmisi recipients of potential participants who have declared through ELECTIVE TEACHERS at but wished to register SBMPTN, then potential participants need to register SBMPTN through using the CAP and PIN are obtained from the system Bidikmisi Kemristekdikti to print a payment slip in order to pay the costs of selection SBMPTN to Bank Mandiri BNI or Prospective participants recipient Bidikmisi stated are not accepted through the ELECTIVE TEACHERS at , can use the CAP and PIN belonging to register SBMPTN without having to pay the costs of the selection.

Official information about the SBMPTN can be accessed through the official Other official information can also be obtained via Twitter: @SekreSBMPTN, Facebook:,:, Helpdesk and call center 0804 1 456 456. Address SBMPTN Centre Committee : led to the building of State University of Yogyakarta (UNY), North Wing 2nd floor JL. No.1 Colombo Yogyakarta 55281, telephone (0274) 544049, Fax (0274) 520325,

From the information above, the conclusion can be drawn regarding the registration of the SBMPTN to be able to perform this process you must follow all registration procedures from start to finish, in addition to the registration contact information you can see above. Thank you good luck.

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